9 BEST Ways to MAKE MONEY While Traveling

How can I make money abroad or what can I do for work/money while I'm travelling? In this video, we're going to cover some of the most realistic ways we have found to earn money abroad. Towards the end of this video, we're going to tell you the best way, the way we would personally earn a living in Mexico if we were to start our travels today . So a couple of important notes before we dive in

number one, play into your strengths and like hone in on exactly what you like doing even if it's something that you don't think could be a job or could make you money.

Number two; think about the lifestyle that you would want and what type of dynamic would be the best for your unique situation, whether that's traveling or you actually want to move somewhere. For instance, it might sound cool to be an Instagrammer and have brand deals and have thousands of followers but only a small percentage of Instagrammers actually make it and that might not be the lifestyle that ultimately makes you happy. So, be aware of that, be honest with yourself.

Tip number three before we get into the actual remote jobs, with your current career you might be able to work remotely, you might just have to ask your boss. Really the path of least resistance might be to keep the job you already have.

Tip number four; this would be when people are thinking "what can I do while traveling, what can I do remotely?" They generally want to go straight to remote job sites like remote.co and look for the like a personal assistant, social media manager, product manager and various other remote jobs like that... and you did this.

Number 5 is exactly what we're doing, starting a YouTube channel. Also in the same category we would put podcasts, blog, being an Instagrammer. If you're doing one of these things, there's a bunch of ways you can make money like through Patreon or affiliate sales and there's others. If you're thinking about it though, we made a video of... kind of the Dark Side of Being a Youtuber, so we're going to link to that right here. Truth be told, this is one of those things that you have to put in a ton of effort, a ton of hours, unpaid hours and you're going to have to be super self-motivated, hone on your niche, channel your creative juices, and like really put a lot of legwork in, in order for you to get paid at all.

Number six is going to be to sell photos or videos online. So, if you have any type of videography or photography skills at all, there are tons of websites where you can sell any footage or any photos that you take while traveling, while living abroad. Yeah like Shutterstock for photography or Videoblocks for video.

Number seven; captioning or subtitling videos. Video creators like us are going to want captions on their videos and we'll pay people to do the work for us.This is also true for podcasts and any other type of video on tons of other platforms. There's websites you can go to like Rev, rev.com, you can sign up as a freelance captioner. On websites like this you're going to make significantly more money if you're multilingual and can not only caption in the language of the video but subtitle in another language, you might get paid three four to five times as much as just captioning. So, requirements for this, have ears and fingers and you are good to go. And an internet connection. And an internet connection and also a computer, there's a few things,

Number eight; teaching someone a skill. This is a little different than Fiverr or Upwork like we mentioned earlier. There is this website called takelessons.com, so if you know how to play guitar, play the piano, if you're really good at math and can teach someone how to play the piano or how to play guitar or how to do algebra, well then, you can post your skill on this website and get paid to do that.

Number nine... teaching English online. Don't click out just yet, we had our doubts too. Honestly, whenever people said this, my brain just sort of shut off because everyone says this, "oh, you can teach English online" but for me I'm like "well, I've never actually heard of anyone doing this, so it can't be that great" but it's kind of that great. Yeah this is an awesome option and we're super excited to show you guys what exactly this is all about. So, first we're gonna tell you some of the benefits and then we're gonna tell you some of the cons so you can make an educated decision about whether this would be a good option for you and just an FYI, all of these things are regarding VIPKID because that is the company that we've heard the best, most glowing reviews about.
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Make Money Online How to Make $30 Per Hour Visiting Websites

How would you like to make $30 an hour simply browsing websites? Yes, totally not a scam, it's really actually legit. Hey, it's LeahRae from ToddAndLeahRae.com and I'm gonna walk you through exactly how you can start making $30 an hour, in your PJs, browsing websites. Now there's basically two types of income that you can make online. The first is active income, where you only get paid for the work that you do. So if you don't do the work, you're not gonna get paid. Just think of an hourly job. You're simply getting paid for doing a task or a job. Now getting paid for browsing websites is definitely considered an active income. You're getting paid for doing a task, browsing websites. Now the second type is called passive income, where you do the work once and you can continue to get paid for it ongoing. So I'm gonna give you the exact steps in this video of how you can get active income from browsing websites.

But if you want to learn how you can start creating passive income online, you definitely want to click the link at the top of the description for our awesome training that's gonna teach you how you can start creating passive income online. Have you ever been on a website, tried to navigate to a different page, or to add something to your cart, but it didn't work? Super frustrating, right? Well you can actually help companies find and prevent these types of frustrations with their websites by testing their websites for them. So you can help create a flawless end user experience for their customers or audience.

There are websites that actually pay you to test apps or websites, about $30 an hour. So how does it work? You get signed up with a site and I'll walk you through the site, specifically, shortly. But they basically share with you testing opportunities. So they're gonna give you a set of instructions that you need to follow. And basically, you just sit there, follow the instructions as you're talking through it on your computer, recording your audio and sharing your screen and creating a recording on your computer. It's really super easy. You're just checking out websites. Now let's dive into three specific sites that you can use to make $30 an hour just browsing websites. Now the first website is called TryMyUI.com, TryMyUI.com. That may sound weird but UI means user interface. This is a company that is used by actually some really big names, NBC, Amazon.com, British Airways, Priceline.com. They partner with companies like this and they're getting you, someone looking to make some extra cash online, to test these big companies' websites and make sure that they're flawless, that they're working like they're supposed to.

Now from their main website, there's a button here, Get Paid to Test. Click on that and that's gonna take you here where you can actually start applying to become a tester. It's really super simple. Each test is gonna take approximately 20 minutes and you get paid $10. So if you're making $10 for a 20-minute test, do three tests in an hour, boom! That's $30 an hour. As I said, you're simply going to record, following through the instructions as you browse through the website, and you may have a little survey at the end to give them a little summary. And they do not limit you on the number of tests that you can do, but would love for you to plan to do a couple of tests a week.

They use PayPal to send out their payments and they send them out every Friday. And from the reviews that I found of people who actually have done tests for TryMyUI.com, they said they were very reliable on getting paid. So they definitely follow through. So fill out the information in this Get Started field and you could start testing for TryMyUI. Now the second site is called UserTesting.com, pretty simple, UserTesting.com. They also partner with some really big names online. Citrix, which I know I worked with back when I used to work in healthcare. In IT world, we used Citrix all the time. Ancestry.com, Intuit, eBay, Facebook, Walmart, really big names that, honestly, most people are at least familiar with in some way.

So they partner with these websites to make sure that their stuff is up to snuff, that they have worked out all the bugs before they go live with new features, make sure everything is flawless for their customers. So from their main website, just click on this link here, Get Paid to Test. And they lay it out for you pretty simple here. Earn up to $60 per test. Obviously, you're going to get paid more for longer tests and they do have some long ones. Just like the first website we went over, it's $10 for a 20-minute video that you complete. If you have more questions on how this works, they do have a little video and some more information on how all of this works.

But look it, I mean, these are some huge names and you get to help them create a great experience for their customers. All you gotta do is get signed up. In order to get signed up, just put in your email address here and they'll walk you through the process. And the final website is Userlytics, Userlytics.com. Another company that partners with giant names that I'm sure, I mean, Google, come on! I don't think it gets any bigger than Google. Google, Microsoft, Philips, L'Oreal, Children International, Washington Post, American Airlines. You can help these companies create the best experience possible for their customers. And always, with all of these, whenever they're working with really big companies, it does lend a bit of credibility to what they're doing, that they're legit, solid companies to work with.

So from their main website, simply click on the Tester Login. And here, you're going to sign up for free. And this will give you some more information on what they do. Again, they pay via PayPal, $5, $10, $15, $20, up to $90 for running their tests. And they test both websites and mobile apps. So all you gotta do here is put in your email address so that you can get started. And as you see here, you have to be at least 16 years of age or older. Now I did dig through some reviews from people who've actually gone in and done tests for these different sites. And many of the reviews were very positive. It worked great, paid on time, no complaints. But a common thread, if there were complaints, were that people wanted to do more tests than were available to them. So that is something that you need to keep in mind. This is something to add a little cash to your pockets whenever you've got some extra time to kill. It is not a full-time job. But if you've got 20 minutes, you can make $10.

If you've got an hour, you can make $30. It's a great way to add a little extra cashflow. Now the best way to maximize your cashflow with this is to actually sign up for all three websites. Sign up for all three websites because then, when you have free time, you've got more than one site that may have a test available for you to do. So sign up for all three websites and then you're much more likely to have something ready to go, whenever you're waiting in the carpooling at school to pick up the kids, you've got some extra time. Now please know that we are rooting for you.

We are here to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So guess what guys? If you want to know the channel, you're gonna have to subscribe so that we can help you with that. Say hi so we can welcome you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae from ToddAndLeahRae.com. Head over to the video in the upper right corner of the screen here, and I'll see you soon. .
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How To Make Quick Money In One Day Online

How to make quick money in one day online. And by quick money, it's going to be BIG money. I'm not going to show you someway to make 5 or 10 or 20 dollars in a day online. I'm going to show you how to make big money. And I'm going to walk you through step by step, right here on my computer exactly what you need to do to get it. Let's get it. So, I'm going to be showing you how to make quick money in one day online. So, one thing I'm assuming here is you don't have time to learn a new skill.

Okay? So, we're just exing that out. And I'm also assuming that you don't have time to figure out some sort of complex set-up. You know? I run a multi-million dollar internet business. I've a lot of skills in the space. But I'm assuming you... You know, even I showed you how to set up a website, we're not going to do that sort of stuff. So, we need something fast. And I'm also assuming you need something big. Because you're not looking for quick steady money. You're looking for something BIG in one day. Now, I want to make a quick distinction here okay? I'm going to show you how to make money in one day online. But the only way to actually get paid money in one day online is if you get paid cash.

Okay? So that's distinction. If you need money, literally in the next 24 hours to your bank account, the only way that this is possible is if you have somebody pay you in literally cash. Okay? No matter what else you're doing. No matter what site you're working with. Whether you're doing a freelance site like UpWork. Whether you're doing survey on amazon mechanical turk. Or whether you're working with affiliate network or e-commerce. Whatever it is, you know, PayPal. All of these ways of receiving money through the internet, they take verification.

You know, they going to have to verify you. They're going to have to do credit checks. They're going to have to do fraud checks, they're going to have to do international processing. And all of this things are going to take a couple of days to actually pay out the money. So, just a quick disclaimer there. If you need literally the money in your pocket tomorrow, you need to get paid cash. But that's not what I'm going to be going over. You go on Craigslist, I don't know what country you're from. I don't know. But you just got to go get some cash or bag or whatever. But let's go to my computer. I'm going to show you how to make money --BIG money in one day online.

Okay, let's go. So, I could show you a million ways to make small money online. There's amazon mechanical turk where you can make 2 cents, 5 cents, 15 cents to fill out sruveys. But I'm guessing if you're on this video, you're not looking to make a few cents or few dollars per hour. Okay? You need money fast. You can also make money being a affiliate marketer for sites like amazon. And make small commissions. A dollar per product you recommend. But I'm guessing if you're on this video, you're not looking to make 1 or 2 dollars recommending you know, Nike shoes or whatever. Now, what I'm going to show you is a method where you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day really quick. It's something that you can do realistically, you can only do it once. But it's something you can do right now to put an extra couple thousand dollars in your bank accounts. Yeah and it's quick money and it's big money. So, here we are on CLICKBANK right here. CLICKBANK is a site which will pay up to 90% of commissions on products sold. It's an affiliate network but it's very aggressive and they paid over 3 billion dollars to internet people like myself.

Now, if you're looking to make quick money, I recommend you go on CLICKBANK and you actually click the marketplace right here. And you search. Okay? And you click search. And what I want you to do is I want you to set the initial price per sale to as highest it can go. Now, what you'll see is the number 1... This is called high ticket products. And again, what I'm assuming here is you want to make BIG money in one day. If you want to make small money, $5 and hour? You can go to amazon mechanical turk. If you want to sell you skills and make 10 to 20 dollars and hour, you can go to UpWork. But if you want to make hundreds or thousands of dollars per day, in one day, using something you can only do once really, you're going to check this out. So, what we're going to do is we're going to... You can sign up for CLICKBANK and you will promote my product.

Which is pays out over $450 per sale. You'll click promote. You'll generate a link. You'll highlight that link and you'll copy it. Now, what you then do is you take that link and you go over to anyone of your social networks. Any social network that you are using. Go over to your social network such as Facebook. And make a post inviting people to a free training, okay? Say, "Hey, here's a free training which taught me how to make money online. Check it out." Okay? Let me just type it in for you so you kind of see. So, here's my post. As you can see, I just typed in... In my personal Facebook. Again, do not complicate this. you're using your social networks. What you're doing is you're selling to friends and family. Okay? This is an asset you have which you can use to make a lot of money. And I just said, "Here's a free training that taught me how to make money online." Pretty interesting.

Seems very normal post. Or whatever is normal for you. And I put my link in there. Now, when people click that affiliate link and if they go to the training, buy the product, you can earn your $450. You'll be able to get that money through Wire Transfer, through check, whatever. So, you do this on every social network you have. Or you create an email. And you send that email to every person that you've ever talk to via email. Send out 200 emails. Send out 400 emails. Text it to people. Email it to people. Put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram, put it on Snapchat. Put it on Twitter, put it on LinkedIn. This is a way that you can make quick money and big money online very, very fast.

And it works. Now, just so you don't feel a little lost here. Let me show you how to sign up for CLICKBANK. To show you how fast and easy it is. CLICKBANK is free. So, all you do is click "create account" here. Now, you click "Crete account" and it's going to ask you for your personal information. Your name, your phone number, you email address and your address. The second step is it's going to ask you for you banking information. For how it pays you. Whether you're going to get paid through a Bank Wire or whatever. You have to just give them your information of how you'd like to be paid.

You know, I know you're probably thinking, "Oh, my God, I have to enter my banking information." This site... You've probably used it, you've probably using it for years just unknowingly, just as a consumer. Okay? This is the biggest information products website on the internet. And it's over 21-years old. You know, it's run by some people in Idaho. It's very, very... I don't know. Straight edged. And the second thing is now matter what you're going to do. If you want to make money online, you have to enter in a way to get paid. Okay? So no matter what, you're going to have to enter in your social security number and your banking information anywhere. Whether it's amazon or whatever if you want to get paid. Now, if you only want to make 5 bucks an hour, you can go to amazon and they'll pay, you know, you can enter in your banking information there. But if you want to try to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a day, you know, CLICKBANK is one of those underground ways to do it.

That's it. And then you create a nickname which is just kind of like you're username. You create your username. And that's it. And it's free. It takes 5 minutes. And it's simple and it's easy. So you just sign it for CLICKBANK right there. And that's... You take that and you create your affiliate link. You go into the marketplace, you find my program using exactly the way I told you. Look for the highest value per sale. And there you go. And you do that post. And that's a very easy quick way to make big money. Not a lot of people are talking about this. Again, you don't want to do this many times. Because you don't want to spam your friends. You don't want to be emailing everybody a million times a day. You don't want to be putting up a million Facebook posts about this. If you're looking to make quick money, if you're looking for a big money in one day, this is how you do it. And I know this sounds a little crazy and I know it might feel a little bit awkward.

It's not a fail-proof way to make thousands of dollars a day. I can't guarantee you'll make any money. But some of you might make money. I know many people are with some of the methods I am teaching. If you'd like more information on how you can create your 6-figure, 7-figure, 8-figure internet business, make sure to check to check on on the links in the description. And I have a free training where I walk you through this entire system of affiliate marketing.

So, I hope this helped. I'd like to see if any people applied this. And be really cool if to see if there are any cool, really big results. And I'm happy to have you here. .
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10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online - How To Make Money Online

Did you know you can actually make money online? yeah that’s right, and all you need is a computer or phone with internet access. So in this video, I’m going to show you 10 websites where you can actual start making some side cash or if you are really serious, some good Money! isn’t that amazing! On some of these websites you can actually make as much as a 100 dollars a day or even more, and the best part is, you don’t have to quit your 9 - 5 job, you can make this money, working in your free time. On the internet, there are two distinct ways of making money. The first way is active income. With active income, its like your normal 9 -5 job.

You only get paid for the work you do. If you do not work, you don’t make money, as simple as that. The second way is through passive income. This is my favorite method because, with active income, all you do is put in the work once, and the money in theory should keep rolling in, without you having to do any more work other then maybe promoting what you have made, or in some cases what other people have made. So let’s go:

1. upworks.com Upworks is a website for freelancers. With upworks you are making acvtive income. businesses and individuals post services on upworks that they would like to outsource such as article writing, video editing, app development, coding, there tons of jobs and services being outsourced on upworks… The beauty of all this is its low barrier of entry, you just have to be good at something. If there is something that you are good at maybe graphic design or coding or just about any skill, head over to upworks and start making some Money. Here's a tip if you are considering working on upworks, have a robust profile that looks good.

2. YouTube. Not a lot of people know this but, you can actually make money with YouTube. If you are considering getting into YouTube to make money, make sure you understand one thing clearly. Thanks to the new rules, if you are planning on starting a brand new channel from scratch, you first have to reach the YouTube minimum threshold to get monetized. Which is you will need 4000 watch hours, and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Once you have reached that, you can get monetized, how much can you make on YouTube? Honestly as much as you want! As long as you keep uploading good content that people are willing to watch your golden, and the longer the video the more money you can expect to make… you can make anywhere from 1$ to thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more views you are getting, the more money you can expect to make, and also you get more subscribers! With YouTube, what you are earning is passive income, make a few videos and they should keep making you money consistently.

3. Amazon. Although Jeff Bazos, did start off the company selling books, amazon now sells almost anything you can think of. Some people make over $100,000 publishing Kindle e-books on Amazon.You can make as much as $20, $30 an hour, by working on a few different tasks. This is a legit may of making money, and they do pay.Amazon will give you a special link, and every time someone buys through your link, amazon will give you a commission anywhere from 5 – 10% of the sale. Amazon will pay you 60 days after a purchase and you can chose to be paid either through amazon gift cards, wire transfer to a bank account

4. clickbank. Clickbank is a marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money online buy selling their courses or services to the world. Clickbank only sells digital products, but the beauty about clickbank is that the, commission payout is so much higher than that of Amazon. Some affiliates pay you as much as 75%, for selling their services, while others pays as low as 5%, so keep that in mind. But with that said, you can make some really good money on clickbank, hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Simply head over to clickbank, pick something to sale and start making money.

5. flippa.com flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. It attracts a huge audience, and it offers great tools to increase visibility, it’s an auction site really much like eBay, for those selling and buying digital assets, such as websites, apps, domains, shopify stores and amazon FBA accounts. If you are good at making apps or even websites… you can actually sell it online and make some money.

6. Shutter stock. Basically shutter stock is a platform where you can buy or sell digital media. Such as pictures, music and video clips. Mainly created by freelancers and third parties, so if you might be particularly good at photography taking amazing pictures and videos. Or really good at making sick beats, you can monetize your talent on shutter stock. The way you make money with shutter stock is every time some purchases one of your pictures, you get paid a commission, usually a couple cents to a few dollars, if you are lucky. The trick to making a lot of money with shutter stock is to consistently keep uploading high quality images.

7. Rover. Do you like pets? Dog in particular? If so, then you should probably check out rover. Rover is a dog sitting service, but this is currently only available in the US and Canada. So if you live in any of those two countries then you can register as a dog sitter, and get paid for babysitting dogs. You can make anywhere between 80 - $100 a night, just by watching someone’s dog! You can literally make hundreds of dollars a week by just babysitting someone’s pet. Now how about that for a deal?!

8. Takelessons.com Take lessons is a website where you can teach any skill. Everyone has a skill, that they can teach, whether that might be, teaching someone a language, how to cook, how to play a musical instrument, how to solve complex math equations… any so much more.Anything that you think someone else might not know, you can teach people on takelessons, and start making money.

9. Fiverr. You have probably heard of fivver mentioned a lot of times, because it’s a simple and easy site to start making money. But if you haven’t, basically it’s a freelance website where you can literally outsource anything and I mean anything… as long as its legal, for as little as $5 There are so many different ways to make money on fiverr, just to name a few. You can do animations, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Photoshop Editing, Architecture & Floor Planning, 3D Models & Product Design, T-Shirts & Merchandising, SEO and so much more. If there is anything that can be outsourced, you can most likely find it on fiver.Head over and check out fiverr guys, it a legit of making money.

10. Drop shipping. With drop shipping, what you are basically doing is selling someone else stuff for a small or large profit without having to deal with the shipping. So basically you are acting like a broker or a middle man. You can do this by opening up a shopify store and then linking it up with oberlo. Oberlo is basically an app that integrates with shopify, and it is what a lot of people use to source for stuff that they would like to sell on their stores. The basic principle of drop shipping is, you create a store or any channel where people can buy stuff from you. Then once they buy something from you, you pay the manufacturer, usually for a lot less then what you got it for, and then have the manufacturer ship it to the customer. All without you ever seeing or touching the product.

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Losing $115,000 with an Amazon Affiliate Site - Niche Site Case Study on youtube

Most people, they just share their highlight reel. They share their success stories and really sort of the exception cases that they've experienced. It makes them look really good. Well, I often share stories where things didn't quite work out. This is one of 'em. This is a story about how I lost 100K on Amazon affiliate marketing. I'm not gonna lie. It stings a little bit, but, I think it's a useful story to tell, and we're gonna look at sort of the deeper things like risk management and how to deal with making really tough decisions that are potentially you know, huge amounts of money if you make the wrong decision.

And, you don't even know if there is a right decision at all, anyway. My name is Doug Cunnington, I'm the founder of Niche Site Project. I talk about Amazon affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general. And project management because I'm a project management professional. Alright, let's get into this hundred k loss story. This is the story of project go white hat. If you are familiar with the story, you kinda know the high points, I'll kinda mention what was going on. But, basically a business partner and I were working on a niche site, an Amazon affiliate site we were planning on selling. The whole project was around taking certain backlinks, grey hat backlinks that Google doesn't like, these are private blog network or pbn links and replacing them with links that Google does like.

These are white hat guest post links. So, that was sort of the plan. We were gonna replace these bad links with good links and then sell the site. The site, it was quite profitable. It was making about 10 thousand dollars a month, and we actually got it up to about 32 thousand dollars a month, over 32 thousand dollars a month for one month, I guess we did it for one month in December of 2016. Whole other story in another video. So, I'll place the link to that below. Here's what happened with the project. Everything was going fine, I started working with Rob in like September of 2016 or so, and I developed a plan that we were working through. Of course you know Rob and I developed it together, but with my project management background, I spent you know, most of the effort on the plan and then implementing a lot of it. The main effort was around you know, getting backlinks, getting new backlinks and that was my specialty. And that's why I was on the site in the first place.

So, everything was fine and then March of 2017 rolled around. If you had an Amazon affiliate site in 2017, around that time you know that Amazon changed the commission structure in the Amazon associate program. So, previously, there was a component that allowed you to make more commissions based on the volume of products you sold. That was now removed, and the basis for the commission was now what category the product was sold from. So it was a major change and in general, if you were already established as an affiliate, it made your revenue go down. And if you didn't start yet, it didn't matter, right. It was sort of transparent. It's still a fantastic program, the Amazon associate program is probably you know, in my opinion, the best one out there. It's generally the only one that I work within, and in this case, our effective percentage that we were paid out went from eight and a half percent to about five and a half percent or so. So that means our revenue went down by 35 percent overnight. It was very dramatic and very sad. And essentially, this impacted us by about 115 thousand dollars. That's a conservative estimate, but about 115 thousand dollars.

And let me explain how I got to that figure. The site stopped making as much money. As I said, it went down by about 35 percent. Which was dramatic. We sold the site for 235 thousand dollars. So if you do the math and figure it up, if we didn't have that 35 percent drop, we could've sold the site for about 350 thousand dollars. So, that's 115 thousand dollar difference, which is very sad. Especially to say it out loud. Now, here's the deal. Like, Rob and I were working on the project for months and all of a sudden, the rules of the game changed. So, this was, you know, at first, risk mitigation. We were trying to make sure we were doing the right things as we were working on the project. But at some point, this risk, a potential thing that could happen became an issue. And this is all about issue mitigation and making tough decisions when you don't have all the information available, and in this case, the rules of the game changed. Our, the value of our site changed overnight. It is part of the risk of having an affiliate business, right.

You don't control the affiliate portion. The company can go out of business. You know, that probably won't happen with Amazon, but if you're working with a smaller affiliate, maybe a small, individual company. The company can go out of business. The company could be sold for example, and if that happens, the new owner maybe doesn't wanna have an affiliate program. Maybe they wanna bring it all in-house and get rid of all their affiliates.

So, things can change, you just don't control that portion of the business. That was the case for Rob and I. So, we talked about it, you know. We, we don't have a board or anything we had to discuss it with, we just talked to each other about it. And, Rob and I are friends, we've known each other for years. So we individually brainstormed the options that we had. We narrowed it down to two main options. So the first option was to try to recover the earnings through getting more traffic and expanding the site. Option two was to sell the site as it was. Just move forward with our original plan and take the hit in the revenue.

So, there were pros and cons for each one. And you know, some of the pros for recovering the income, well of course, the pro would be we could sell it for more. And the cons were we don't know how long it takes. We don't know if it's you know, feasible. We didn't know if we were interested. Just from a you know, interest perspective of like what we wanted to work on and what would help us grow as businessmen.

Stuff like that. And then of course selling the site as is. We take the hit on the money, that's the major con. But, on the pro side, we accomplished you know, what we wanted to. We finished the project. And we moved forward with you know, what we believed was you know, the best option. That was to sell the site and just not make as much money. So, for us, the you know, selling the site for 235 versus 350, it wasn't that big of a deal. I mean, we wanted to sell the site for over six figures, which we were going to do.

Now, the other thing to keep in mind is we worked on the site for several months. So, when you work on a project for awhile, it's very interesting at first, it's novel. And as you work on it, it becomes less interesting and boring, and depending on what it is, you may just wanna move on. For Rob and I, we wanted to move on. We weren't particularly interested in you know, hammering the site trying to get the revenue. To you know, move up in you know, a few months. And then the other part is we just had other interests. So we just didn't care. So we were ready to sell the site. Okay, so now I wanna sort of back up and give you some information on risk mitigation and dealing with issues and in this case, it's just a niche site, right. But the value is quite high and the consequences of a decision or an issue arising, it was quite high.

So in this case, over six figures. Couple things to keep in mind. Number one. Don't panic. People that are panicked are usually not making great decisions, and you should just be calm. You should probably try to remove emotion as much as you can, and especially with this business perspective. It should be easy. I mean, you're making a business decision. You're not trying to do something else where emotion and other things should come into play.

Now you can't completely suppress it. It's probably not advisable to completely suppress your emotions, but when you're looking at a business decision, treat it as a business decision. We probably can relate to like, buying a new car or something and the sales person has the tools and the information to potentially manipulate you. And get you to make an emotional decision. So their commissions will be higher. So you want to remove those sort of things from it.

So, limit your emotional sort of input for now. A very sort of systematic way to look at it is to list out and brainstorm your options. Even list out the crazy ones, because, you know, brainstorming is about getting ideas out of your head. Don't try to evaluate 'em before you write 'em down. Just brainstorm as much as you can. The reason why is you may get a nugget of wisdom in one of those, you know, crazy ideas that you have. Those crazy ideas could pan out to be not so crazy. Especially if you can get like a little nugget of a good idea out of a crazy one. And then pair it up with something more practical.

So, don't edit yourself until you get the ideas out of your head. And finally, the third thing is you know, once you try to limit your emotion and you're brainstorming ideas. You list the pros and cons. Discuss it with your partner or whoever else you're working with. Maybe you can bring it to a mastermind group to get their input, that's a good idea as well. Once you've done those first two steps, which should take some time, sleep on it first. You know, make sure you have some time separation. But then, if you're still totally confused and you're not sure what decision to make, you can go with your gut. I mean, there's probably a reason, a specific option feels better than another one. So, maybe there is some emotion but I hope there's some you know, logic. Some of the brainstorming. Things that are contributing to that gut feeling. But you can go with your gut. And a lot of times, your gut can be right. Alright, the question of the day is what would you do if you were in the same position as Rob and I? Would you have kept pushing the site and kept the site until it was making more money? Or would you just sell it like us? Or something else? Let me know in the comments below.

Really interested to hear what other people would do if you were faced with the same sort of issue. And you know, devastating six figure loss. Thanks. I'm Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project. Take a look at some of the other videos. And if you like what you see, please consider subscribing. Thanks. .
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How to Qualify for Low Mileage Auto Insurance Discounts | Save Money Tricks |

Auto Insurance can be really expensive, so, I found some little tips and tricks to help you lower your rates, so, that you're not breaking the bank to insure your car. Hey, everybody! It's Devin Howard and I just did some research to figure out how to get a low mileage discount on my auto insurance and I found some little tools that I would like to share with you because I think it will be very helpful to you. Also, at the end of the video I'm going to be sharing a special tip that's going to be so beneficial for you. So, make sure that you stay until the end of the video, so, that you can get that special tip. So, I'm going to tell you some different things that you can do to help you qualify for low mileage auto insurance rates, okay? So, the first thing that you can do is just have a low yearly mileage, so, that's between 7,000 to 12,500 miles a year so, if you're the type of person who doesn't really drive that much you're never driving long distances, maybe just to the grocery store, to the mall or to visit friends but you're not spending a bunch of time in your car, you'll qualify for this discount and it's going to help you out so much it's not going to cost you as much money which is really nice.

Another thing that you can do that will help you qualify for a low mileage discount is get a safer car and I think that we can all agree that this is important regardless of how much you want to pay for your auto insurance. It's better to drive a safer car, so, that you don't get injured or hurt or anything. So, insurance companies are more willing to give you a better rate if your car is sturdy and stable and, anyway, isn't that better for all of us to be driving a safer car so that we don't get hurt in any accident ? So, if you want to qualify for that discount make sure that you get one of those sturdy, safe extra protective cars, okay? Another thing that you can do to qualify for a low mileage discount is to refer your friends to the same agency.

It's kind of like "I'll help you out if you help me out" thing, it's called a loyalty bonus. So, if you refer your friends and family to the same agency that you're with, they'll help you out and they'll give you a discount, so, that's really cool! Refer your friends, people! Finally, that special tip that I promised you at the beginning of this video. So, this is something that I was actually very surprised by and I didn't know you could do but now that I've done it I am so grateful that I did.

It's called a defensive driver discount and if you take the defensive drivers course, you'll qualify for this discount. So, that's really cool! You'll learn something new but then you'll also be able to not pay as much each month for your car insurance. You can also get a multiple car discount, so, if you have a family and you're insuring multiple vehicle, they'll let you add on extra cars at not as high of a cost. If you'd like to learn more about the different insurance plans that are available for you make sure you head to InsuranceQuoteAuto.info. This is a website that lays out every single insurance plan that is suitable for you so that you don't have to call up each company and get different quotes by phone or by email.
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Simple Tricks On How To Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Online | Save Money Tricks |

Does shopping for a new Car Insurance plans sound daunting and time-consuming? It did to me until I found a really easy way to do it Hello everyone! It's Devyn Howard and gone are the days of having to call up every insurance agency in your area to get quotes because I've just found a website that does it all for you, so, the process is entirely streamlined, so easy, so simple to use and so fast! So CarInsuranceHints.com is the website that I am telling you about it is absolutely incredible and it made my experience shopping for new Auto Insurance so easy. So, this website has connections with all of the top agencies in any area and it will provide quotes based on what you're looking for and then give you the quotes all in one place you can compare plans and then select the best one for you and the best part is the website is totally free.

So if you're looking for new Auto Insurance go to this website and then all you need to do is complete two steps and then you'll get all the quotes in your area and just like that. So, the first step is to enter in your zip code because insurance rates do vary based on what area you live in; It's kind of crazy but if you live in specific areas sometimes your rates will be higher and sometimes they'll be lower so you enter in your zip code and then the second step is to complete an online form about yourself your driving history your lifestyle and then that's it! in minutes it will select all of the insurance plans that are best for you.

In just a few minutes you'll be able to compare all of the different auto insurance plans available in your area based on what you're looking for so you'll be able to go in and see which ones have the lowest rates, see which ones have the best coverage and then select whichever one works for you. This website is the best way to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck! All right? Let's get shopping everybody let's get some new car insurance and make sure that we're protected in case of an accident. So check out CarInsuranceHints.com everybody, the link is right down there in the description make sure you click subscribe to this channel for more helpful videos just like this and I will see you later!
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